About The Surgeon

Dr Jayesh Kakar

Dr Jayessh Kakar , MS
Consultant Surgeon
Sp Int: Diabetic Foot Management, Leg Amputation Prevention, Wound Management

WOUND CARE is not about the use of a specific technique or a modality, nor is it a claim that a particular way or method or modality would heal each and every wound.

WOUND CARE is about the use of the appropriate modality at the appropriate time & the knowledge to recognize this.

The awareness of your treating doctor/caregiver to newer and appropriate modalities which may be useful in your case is important for the success of treatment.

Reinhold Niebuhr’s quote :

 “God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, 

the courage to change the things I can, 

and the wisdom to know the difference.” 

is very appropriate to the management of Chronic Wounds.

Negative Pressure Wound Therapy(NPWT) / SAP(Sub atmospheric Pressure) / VAC (Vacuum Assisted Closure)

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT)

Growth factors – Platelet Derived Growth Factors (PDGF)

Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF)

Papain Urea Combinations

Ionic Silver Dressings

Hydrocolloids / Hydrogels etc.

The above mentioned modalities are used in wound care at various stages of the wound and in various combinations.

No one modality or material works on its own, and the recognition of the time of intervention, the change in modality/material and use of the appropriate modality/material after constant review, is what helps wounds to heal.

Dr Jayessh  Kakar is one of the few surgeons who has been dedicated to work solely in the treatment of the diabetic foot & wound care since 1998. After completing his MS in general surgery in 1996 he gained experience in vascular surgery  in  Mumbai . Very soon  he established a practice dedicated to vascular problems of the lower limb including diabetic   foot  , varicose veins and chronic wound treatment , introducing the concept of Comprehensive lower limb care in Mumbai.

As he continued to work in one of the most neglected fields of medicine , he also taught and lectured at various  medical bodies like the IMA Juhu , IMA Hyderabad , Vascular Society Of India , Association of Surgeons of India. Along with his practice at Juhu he  consulted at well  known  hospitals like Breach Candy ,Sir H.N. Hospital in south Mumbai and BSES MG Hospital Andheri (W)


In 2007 he established a center at Hyderabad The Save Legs Diabetic Foot Clinic & Wound Care Centre, and over a couple of years completely shifted his work to Hyderabad. Not very comfortable with the corporate culture he firmly believes in continuing a personal rapport with his patients and takes them into his care to not just treat them but help them heal. He not only helps them walk but walks that extra mile with them till they find a firm footing.


Since 2001 he has been actively involved in Advanced Wound Care and Salvage of The Diabetic foot. He targets maximum salvage of the foot which includes preventing if possible toe loss or preventing loss of a major part of the foot. The aim behind this initiative is to prevent future foot problems in diabetic foot patients, because even a single toe amputation can over time lead to destabilization of the foot structure leading to further amputations and limb loss.


With an experience spanning years of treating all kinds of diabetic foot & leg problems, he has been contributing in research and teaching the younger generation of doctors and paramedics. His research on foot infections has  been   published  in the European Chemical Journal 2015.He has been and continues to be invited to various medical associations to conduct teaching programs for young  doctors. Along with many medical associations in India he was also a member of the European wound management Association. His papers presented at EWMA2016 at Bremen, Germany (11-13 May 2016) on his research on the treatment and management of chronic wounds and diabetic foot problems, can be viewed by clicking here.

Recent article Multimodality Treatment for Non Healing Wound with Osteomyelitis in Sickle Cell Anemia : The International Journal of Lower Extremity Wounds Nov 2020

In order to help his patients achieve their dream of getting back on their feet he applies  not only surgical intervention,  but complete comprehensive after care including supervising/doing every  post    surgical dressing himself, customized footwear made by his team in Mumbai and home care if requested.

He says that his  greatest pleasure is  in seeing his patients  WALK AWAY


1. Save Legs Diabetic Foot Clinic & Wound Care Center
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